At Diaverum we focus on people. Our teams are made up of competent, passionate and inspiring professionals who care about providing true care to patients and familiar treatment to co-workers.

In other words, taking people into account in an integral way: in body, mind and soul. Our networks encourage personal growth and development internationally.

We are a heterogeneous team of people with different life histories, careers and professions, but with the same goal: to offer life-enhancing care. For this reason, we are always pleased to welcome new talents who join our health services with this purpose of permanent evolution in the comprehensive care of people

Nurses: Life-enhancing renal care

Our nursing staff is expert in health care and represents the majority of our employees. They are who create direct and lasting relationships with our patients and provide care that improves their lives day after day. Our nurses participate in organized programs to promote personal development, team growth and exchange.


The doctors in our teams are the expert professionals responsible for Diaverum excellence. They are in charge with overseeing patient-oriented research and scientific programs, ensuring the highest standards in kidney care. Always from permanent updating, empathy and commitment, Diaverum doctors have access to the most advanced knowledge through our training program in which they share their experiences and learn from each other. Our doctors ensure that we are the best at what we do and share our knowledge internationally.

Clinical staff

For us, each member of the team is essential for the operation and growth together. For this reason, our Dialysis Centers and our Institute for Transplantation and High Complexity (ITAC) are made up of optimal clinical staff to provide life-enhancing care, in each instance of treatment. Each employee contacts patients, collaborates with our doctors and nurses, works in a coordinated manner and ensures that our clinics meet the highest quality standards in health services.

Management and Corporate Teams

Diaverum's management and corporate teams inspire and lead with work, attitude and example. Composed of diverse talents and personalities, our directors guide the staff with their great knowledge of different industries, specialties and cultures- Thus, they manage to enrich the base of Diaverum's experience, provide new perspectives and cutting-edge knowledge in 24 countries.


An inspiring story

Meet Analía Robles, a nurse from San Nicolás clinic who studied in depth the emotional / mental impact of chronic diseases on patients and today participates in specialized books and gives talks at Congresses on "adherence to treatment”.

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