We offer specially designed programs for high potential employees in different disciplines, to share best practices and gain international experience. In addition, we make sure to provide all the necessary support during the programs.

Nurses´ integration

Our integration program for nurses gives them the opportunity to participate in assignments abroad, usually in new clinics. These tasks usually last between 6 and 12 months, during which the nurses share their experience with the local team and hone their own skills and knowledge. The integration program is fundamental in Diaverum's overall gearing process and is key to supporting the development of new centers around the world. Our nurses also have a job guarantee in their home countries when they return.

Inspiring teams

We are very proud of our inspiring group of passionate and competent people with a common cause - providing life-enhancing kidney care. The knowledge and experiences of our employees are Diaverum's most valuable assets.

Our new hires get on board with the help of their peers. The staff with experience within the Company shares their knowledge and helps new people who join to feel welcome from the beginning.

Our management teams in each country work closely together and share their best practices without borders.



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