Although we have an empathetic and broad spirit, it is complex to understand what we do not experience. For this reason, as a health service it is essential to follow the path of medical treatment of each patient, respecting individual stages, emotions, beliefs and needs.

There is news that marks a before and after in life. Receiving the impact of a diagnosis of chronic kidney disease is one of them. Someone who went to see the doctor for a medical control, comes out as a patient who needs life-long treatment to survive: his kidneys do not work. So the person feels invaded by fear, denial, anguish, anger, and a maze of emotions that he traverses as a difficult path to acceptance.

From that moment, they know that, unless they could receive a transplant, their new routine will include staying connected into a machine that will cleanse their body of toxins 3 times a week for 4 hours at least. They will also have to control very well what they eat, what they drink, their vascular accesses, their fatigue... Yes, another way to live. Unexpected.

Why did I get sick? What did I do to deserve this? Why me? Questions that include the word "why" take us back and the past can not be changed. Instead, we have to include more in our questions the word "for".

What am I in this situation for? These types of questions point to the future, which we can manage. Our actions today will determine what will happen next. With eyes forward; backwards, just to learn from mistakes.

"If life gives you lemons, make lemonade." The phrase raises a solution to adapt to what we have, but achieving it takes a unique and different time for each patient.

For this reason, at Diaverum, in addition to achieving the highest medical standards, we are interested in knowing each patient, having a personalized treatment, knowing what is difficult for them to adhere to their treatment, results are your doubts, if you cry, if you ask questions , if you have the support of family and friends or are alone.

The formula for this care, true care? There is not one. There are as many as there are patients, because each one experiences their health problem in their own way. And it is our challenge, to build an immense fortress of hope, new habits, adaptation and resilience, with the stones we find in the way.

With stabilized health and well-channelled emotions, many people with CKD find a new meaning and value to their days, even, many of them access a transplant and return to having that day that marks a before and after in their lives.

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