Using the time of dialysis sessions for educational and recreational purposes favors integration, job placement and increases the self-esteem of those who dare to take the step.

When we overcome the pandemic, many of the activities that we had to pause and that characterize us, will work again for recreational, learning, awareness and collaboration purposes:

Our ambition:

  • Foster the inclusion-insertion of students who have not been able to finish primary school.
  • Guarantee the promotion and continuity of higher studies.
  • Generate the ability to power, discern and analyze issues that have to do with school and the world of work. That the task is transformative in the productive sphere.


  • Awaken in students the attitude of improvement and research.
  • To carry out actions for the completion of primary studies for young people and adults who have not yet completed compulsory schooling.
  • Forge a space for study and engagement in the dialysis room.
  • Defeat fears, take a pencil and open a book.

And discover that:

They could remember things they already knew, learn something new, and find another path to travel.

Veronica Bianco,  Social Worker of our Malvinas Argentinas Clinic

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