Clinical outcomes and safety are extremely important, and we have developed a service model that puts them first.

All of our work is carried out to rigorous standards and evolves in parallel with new advances in kidney technology and treatments, many of which we develop in-house.

Diaverum's approach to your care has five main aspects:

  • Clinical standards: policies and procedures that guarantee a high quality of care and safety.
  • Medical Standards - Comprehensive Treatment Approaches That Optimize Clinical Outcomes Through More Efficient Care Delivery
  • Performance measurement: continuous monitoring of clinical results.
  • Instructions for patient and staff - in virtual and physical configurations
  • Scientific research: based on what is most important to you

And this approach is not static: we continually improve our policies and procedures by learning from you and our team, in investigations, periodic internal audits, and in response to national regulatory demands. Our evidence-based clinical practices are reinforced by a variety of education and training approaches in conjunction with our d.ACADEMY platform for diverse audiences.

Transparency is the foundation of our work, and our Clinical Performance Measurement System (MRC) measures and compares clinical performance within and between our clinics globally.

You can learn more about our care supported by ever-evolving technology, including proprietary software such as Renal Information Management System (d.CARE), Treatment Guidance System (TGS), Pharmaceutical Guidance System (PGS), and our virtual education platform, d.ACADEMY.

These digital tools allow us to standardize the service and therefore increase and improve your safety and clinical outcomes, allowing us to better manage our workflow.



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